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“I enjoy working for Invitation Homes because I am able to start work in my driveway and end in my driveway. I am given the proper amount of time to complete the job right the first time. I am able to work independently and be self-motivated. I always receive full support from my supervisor.”
— Andrew in Pasadena, CA
“I love working at Invitation Homes because of the tools I am given from the start of my career to do my job. It also makes me feel appreciated when the company has events for us, for example at our maintenance meeting we had a taco cart and we all got together with techs from LA to IE all enjoying tacos and each other's company.”
— Dennis in Pasadena, CA
“Invitation Homes has provided me with the knowledge and mentorship I need as I start my career. My possibility lives at Invitation Homes as I look forward to endless growth potential here.”
— Alison in Dallas, TX

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