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Join Our Team Making a House a Home

It is important that our residents have a dedicated team they can count on for all their home-owning needs. Our leasing and property management teams do just that by supporting our residents from their initial application all the way to their closing date. This team has a direct touchpoint with our residents to help make their house a home.

There for You Why Join Invitation Homes?

Empowering Work Culture

We strive to create a work culture that empowers our employees to bring their best selves to work in order to better themselves and our organization while being there for our residents.

Work-life Balance

We understand how important it is to our employees that they have harmony between work and life which makes it just as important to us. We provide our employees with a variety of benefits to help them achieve their best overall well-being possible while having a health work-life balance.

Path to Success

Where this is one of your first jobs or just another chapter in your life, we provide you with the tools and resources you need to set you up for success.

Testimonials Why We Love Working at Invitation Homes

Here’s what our associates have to say about their experience with us.

“I love working here because of the endless career opportunities within our company.”
— James in Seattle, WA
“At Invitation Homes, you can build a career that plays to your strengths.”
— Jesse in Roseville, CA

Your Career Journey Helping Build your Future

No matter where you are in your career and no matter where you see your career taking you, we will help get you there. From your very first day with us to your very last, we are going to be with you every step of the way to give you the support and resources you need for a successful, long lasting career.

Not all career paths are a straight line! Customer Service- FS have the opportunity to become a Receptionist or a Customer Service PM.

Leasing Experience Managers have the opportunity to become Portfolio Directors.

Leasing Experience Directors have the opportunity to become the Vice President of Operations.


Receptionist or Customer Service-FS

Our Customer Service-FS associates bridge communications between our field teams and resident requests, enabling our teams to work together efficiently without compromising quality.


Leasing Assistant

Leasing Assistants play a supportive role in the leasing process, contributing to administrative tasks, resident interactions, and documentation to ensure a smooth and efficient leasing experience for both prospective and existing residents.


Customer Service-PM

Our Customer Service Associates on our property management team play a crucial role in maintaining resident satisfaction, ensuring smooth communication between residents and property management, and upholding our standards for service quality and resident relations.


Leasing Experience Specialist

Leasing Experience Specialists focus on creating a positive experience for residents, from the initial inquiry stage through the leasing process, with the aim of enhancing resident satisfaction, increasing retention rates, and optimizing the overall leasing journey.


Assistant Portfolio Manager

The Assistant Portfolio Manager plays a critical role in supporting the efficient and effective management of a portfolio of our properties, contributing to financial analysis, tenant relations, property maintenance, and overall portfolio performance.


Leasing Experience Manager

Leasing Experience Managers are responsible for leading and implementing initiatives that enhance resident satisfaction, optimize the leasing process, and contribute to the overall success of Invitation Homes by creating a positive and engaging experience for residents.


Portfolio Director

The Portfolio Director plays a pivotal role in steering the overall success and growth of our portfolio, overseeing multiple properties, and ensuring that they operate efficiently, profitably, and in accordance with established goals and standards.


Leasing Experience Director

The Leasing Experience Director focuses on creating a positive, seamless, and satisfying experience for our residents throughout the leasing process, aiming to attract and retain residents while optimizing occupancy rates and property revenue.


Director of Operations

The Director of Operations plays a pivotal role in overseeing the operational aspects of their region, ensuring effective processes, efficient resource management, compliance, and high-quality service delivery across their portfolio.


Vice President of Operations

The VP of Operations plays a crucial role in driving the operational success and growth of Invitation Homes by providing strategic direction, optimizing processes, managing resources, ensuring compliance, and fostering a culture of excellence in service delivery across our business.

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Property Compliance Specialist

“I am choosing a career with Invitation Homes because the leadership team maintains a fair, patient, helpful, and fun environment.”

Property Compliance Specialists can grow into a number of other career options at Invitation Homes.


Property Compliance Specialist to Property Compliance Senior Specialist

“Invitation Homes has been a wonderful environment to be in throughout the last 8 years of employment. I love the culture we have created for employees, which involves continued career growth, hands-on experience, and new and innovative technology.”

Property Compliance Specialists can grow into a number of other career options at Invitation Homes.


Portfolio Director to Operations Director

“I started my career with Invitation Homes in 2012 as a Portfolio Director in the SoCal market. During my time in the PD role, I had the opportunity to grow within my position and take on many stretch assignments preparing me for the next step. In 2018, I accepted a position as a Director of Operations and relocated to the Seattle market. Along the way, I have been provided the tools, support, and training to excel in my position. The amount of opportunity in Invitation Homes is plentiful if you seek it out and apply yourself accordingly.”

Portfolio Directors can also make a switch to Operations roles.


Leasing Experience Manager to Operations Director

“I started my Career with Invitation homes in 2014 as a Leasing Consultant. Prior to our first big merger, I was promoted to a Property Manager where I spent 3 years managing the Houston portfolio. I began having career conversations with my Supervisor in 2019 and we outlined where I wanted to grow my career within Invitation Homes. I was given the support and resources to lead my career path and achieve the goals I had set for myself. As I grew, my career grew and I had the opportunity in 2020 to take on a Leasing Manager Role where I was given all leasing responsibilities for the TX market. In 2021, I transitioned into my current role of Director of Operations role for TX. I am fortunate to be able to Lead a team of great associates and be an active participant in supporting our future leaders.”

Leasing Experience Managers can transition to a number of roles at Invitation Homes, including Operations careers.


Customer Service Representative to Assistant Portfolio Manager

“I began working at Invitation Homes as a Customer Service Representative and with dedication and support from my team, I’ve been able to grow and exceed my professional goals.”

Customer Service Representatives can move into a number of career opportunities, including Portfolio management and Operations.


Customer Service Representative (PM)

“Invitation Homes has quickly became a home for me both professionally and personally, allowing my skillset to develop and foster new relationships with a great team. I am thrilled to show up at the office every day and do work that I feel is so important, providing genuine care and customer service for our residents.”

Customer Service Representatives can move into a number of career opportunities, including Portfolio management and Operations.

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